The bustling country of Nicaragua.

I’ve been traveling to Nicaragua to photograph kids since 2005. It’s hard to believe it’s been 7 years. Nicaragua is a beautiful place with really interesting people. One of my favorite things about Nicaragua is how much people smile… even strangers.

The first couple with their little boy work at one of the orphanages. They are care-takers for the kids. Their son was 8 months when I visited.




There is a certain feel of warmth to the air in Nicaragua, and the pace of life is like slow, summer day, enjoying the moments. In the morning, the light is fresh and clean, and everything smells like dew and freshly roasted coffee. This is one of the first places I learned to appreciate the goodness of a black cup of coffee.


This is one of my favorite portraits from Nicaragua.. the picture of the young man in the orange shirt, a rice farmer. He was working in the field when I passed by and asked to take his photo. The sun was really bright and hot, and I took a few shots of him standing actually in the sun… but I wanted to convey that he was taking a break, heading to lunch… resting. And I liked the shade under the tree.


This guy is a shoe repairman and shoe-shiner in the market in Grenada.



This was taken at one of the feeding centers at a church in Nicaragua. They feed about 150 kids a day.


I liked these portraits of the guys because they all look look so happy, like I accidentally made them laugh or something. There’s something kind of mischievous about taking a portrait… you’re interacting with a person, catching a bit of them, in a certain moment.. an unrepeatable moment. It’s pretty awesome.
This is one of the volcanos in the middle of Lake Nicaragua… I woke up to this view for 3 days before I went into Managua. Rest is amazing.
These little boys live in the community at El Canyon. We fed them lunch one day. I liked the symmetry of their hands.
Film processing: Richards Photo Lab in LA.

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