San Pedro, Belize.

Ah, yes. We did… we went away for a week to collect inspiration for the 32 weddings coming up this year and to take a deep breath and get invigorated by the beauty of other cultures, and of course, nature.

Here are a few of our favorites.

We did some awesome snorkeling with “Grumpy and Happy” snorkeling. They are a super fun couple who takes groups out to different parts of the reef to snorkel. We were able to see a fisherman cleaning shells, sting rays, a shark and some turtle – among many other pretty fascinating creatures.

Grumpy and Happy snorkeling Belize

Victoria House Belize

Self-portraiture is a funny thing. As a photographer, you’re always behind the camera – so to be in front of one is a treat. We had a date night, so we decided – hey we’re dressed nicely – let’s snap a shot of us. There’s something I like about looking in different directions – it, to me, says – there is vision everywhere. Watch.

There is always a wedding somewhere! There were actually 3 happening while we were there. Snapped this shot in the afternoon. It was a beautiful day, and they were so happy.

wedding in belize

Hope you enjoy! We had a great time!

Eric and Lora

2 thoughts on “San Pedro, Belize.

  1. We were delighted to happen across your blog. The last picture is of our clients wedding at Victoria House. What a great picture. We’ve sent them your link. We hope you enjoyed Ambergris Caye and Belize and will come back again.
    Colette Kase
    Conch Creative

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